About Hensel Kenpo Karate

Sifu, Mark Hensel

Hensel Kenpo Karate offers instruction in Kenpo Karate for adults and children as well as self defense seminars.

Sifu Mark Hensel received his Black Belt in Kenpo Karate studying in Tucson, Arizona with Grand Master Gilbert Velez, head of the International Kenpo Karate Association (IKKA) and the only 10th degree Black Belt in that association. Mr. Velez trained and received his Black Belt promotion with Senior Grand Master, the late Edmund Parker, creator of the IKKA and the system of American Kenpo Karate taught at Hensel Kenpo Karate.

About Mr. Hensel
Mr. Hensel brings experience in Ju Jitsu, Judo and Muay Thai kickboxing, all of which influence the way he interprets and instructs Kenpo Karate. He is a firm believer that everyone is capable of learning and effectively using Kenpo to better their health and their lives and, if necessary, defend themselves and their loved ones.

Born in Michigan and raised in Ann Arbor, Mr. Hensel returned to the area and settled in Saline to raise his family. He believes in the importance of community and family values, and hopes that the introduction of a “Downtown Dojo” in the Saline area will help increase awareness of strength, discipline and respect among the youth of Saline.

The Downtown Dojo

Classes with Hensel Kenpo Karate are held at the Downtown Dojo. The facility is located at the corner of Ann Arbor St. and McKay streets just North of Michigan Ave in downtown Saline. The 2300 sq ft space is sunlit and open with a 1600 sq ft training area. Changing rooms are available.


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