Techniques Week 10/4

Our the techniques for the week of 10/4:
White Belts: #10 Sword and Hammer
All others: Technique 15
Work Hard

No classes Aug. 31

Due to the busy back-to-school weekend and Labor Day holiday, classes will be canceled on Saturday, August 31. Have a great first week of school everyone!

No Technique Week beginning 6/25.

We will have a “No Technique Week” starting on Tuesday 6/25.

Our focus will include stances and foot maneuvers.

Techniques week beginning 6/4: White Belts – #3 Sword of Destruction; Color Belts – #23

Opening Day!!!

Well, we had a fantastic first day at the Downtown Dojo! Welcome to Kayleigh, Jackson, Dominic, Deacon, Cameron and David, our newest students. You all did a great job and I look forward to working with all of you guys for a long time to come.

Lil’ Dragons demos and class times

We had our first Lil’ Dragons demo at My Urban Toddler in Saline. We had a great turnout and a terrific class. Another demo is scheduled on 12/12 at 10am, also at Urban Toddler. Two sessions are scheduled for 1/9 – 1/30 and a the other will be a six-week session starting on 2/13. Registration will be through My Urban Toddler.

Hensel Kenpo Karate’s photostream

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Kids Kenpo KneelingKids Girl KickingKids Girl JumpingKids Boy KickingKids Boy Jumping

New Schedule is up

Take a minute and check out the new schedule as it will be for the opening of the “Downtown Dojo” on January 5th. We will have a ton of class times for all of our students at the new location.  Check it out!




My instructor Grandmaster Gilbert Velez

This is a fun video of Grandmaster Gilbert Velez. I studied under him in both private and group lessons for 7 years in Tucson, Arizona. He spends most of his time spreading Kenpo knowledge all around the world. This is great example of him making even the most difficult techniques look simple. Enjoy.

Mark Hensel



Work is progressing on the new dojo!

The process of cleaning and ordering brand new equipment is underway. We will be receiving the new mats and start laying those down in the next couple of weeks. The office is getting set up and everything is going great. We are well on track to start our classes on the 4th of January.

Mark Hensel



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