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Join us – and all of Saline – downtown on Sat, Aug 10 for the 2013 Saline Summerfest. We’ll have the dojo open all day from 9-3, with free beverages and munchies. Plus, mini kids classes, self-defense shorts and a public demo.

All events are free and open to the public. Here’s the full schedule:

9-10am: Open mat time – tumbling & fun
10-10:20am: Mini kids class (ages 3-14)
10:40-11am: Self-defense short (ages 12+)
11:30-11:50am: Mini kids class (ages 3-14)
12-1pm: Open mat time – tumbling & fun
1-1:30pm: Public demo – located just outside on AA-Saline Road
1:30-2pm: Open mat time – tumbling & fun
2-2:20pm: Mini kids class (ages 3-14)
2:30-3pm: Self-defense short (ages 12+)

Our mini kids class will be a fun way for participants to get their feet wet and see if karate is right for them. The self-defense shorts will teach simple and effective techniques to protect yourself. Our public demo will take place in front of the dojo on Ann Arbor-Saline Road, and will give an overview of the disciplines principles, style and techniques. Open mat time is free time for families to relax indoors, grab some food and meet some of our amazing dojo members.

Hope to see you all there!

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