A Grand Master discusses core ideas of Kenpo Karate in an article in Black Belt Magazine

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This is a great article on Kenpo in BB. Any current practitioner or any of you interested in the art should really read this one

The ideas of precision targeting of strikes and flexibility within the system are two important aspects of Kenpo Karate that make it so very accessible for everybody. If you’re not big and strong you can still defend yourself. Women, who are the most likely targets of violence by larger aggressors will find Kenpo a great equalizer. Fingers in the eyes and a knee to the groin don’t take a ton of strength, and they work.

The flexibility that Master Mattera writes about may be the greatest strength of Kenpo Karate. There are techniques taught that will work well for you and some that won’t. If it isn’t going to be effective, don’t use it to defend yourself. The skilled Kenpoist learns to work to their strengths. If you are a smaller practitioner, you may not move in and grapple with an attacker. By all means, modify what you have learned to be effective. One of the great wisdoms of Kenpo is “we don’t tailor you to fit the art, we tailor the art to fit you.”

Charles Mattera is a terrific Kenpoist who trained as I did, with one of Ed Parker’s students, in his case it was the late Master Nick Cerio. The laws he talks about in his article are a big part of what we are all learning in our study of Kenpo Karate.




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