Lil’ Dragons

Learning respect, discipline and confidence is valuable at all ages

Blocks and kicks and chops abound along with some tumbling and a lot of fun in this play-based introduction to the martial arts. This class is all about getting your preschooling up and moving, while learning some basic karate techniques. They will be taught the values and principles of martial arts, including perseverance, discipline, hard work and focus.

Lil’ Dragons bowing onto the mat

Our Lil’ Dragons program is designed to give kids between the ages of 3 and 5 an introduction to the martial arts. They will have a great time and learn the value of paying attention and hard work. Students will learn some of the basics of karate while practicing their focus and discipline.

“As a parent, I share your concern for the safety of our kids. The best defense we can offer our children in everyday life is to arm them with confidence and self-respect. The study of the martial arts provides these and other values like hard work and the appreciation of delayed gratification. Lil’ Dragons is designed to promote these values while giving kids an introduction to a fun and exciting new activity.”

~Mark Hensel, Owner and Head Instructor at Hensel Kenpo Karate

Lil’ Dragons classes are 45 minutes long. Parents are required to stay and watch and are encouraged to participate alongside their kids. A Little Dragons t-shirt and white belt will be purchased from Hensel Kenpo Karate and will be worn along with comfortable pants for classes.

Lil’ Dragons getting ready for class

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