Hensel Kenpo Karate offers a wide array of self defense and fitness programs:

  • Kenpo Karate is a self defense discipline that works for everyone. Our system uses rapid striking and low, powerful kicks and generates power through proper technique, coordination and speed. You DO NOT need to be big and strong or able to get your leg up over your head to defend yourself with Kenpo.
  • Kids Kenpo is a modification of the adult discipline that teaches self-defense and confidence. It introduces the art to children and gives them the opportunity to mature into the full responsibility. Training in Kenpo promotes confidence and thoughtful responsibility, increased coordination and flexibility.
  • Famliy Kenpo is an opportunity for parents and kids to learn and have fun together while they stay healthy at the same time. We strive to create family environment that lets everybody get what they are looking for out of their training. With all the time we, as parents, spend carting the kids to events, sports and groups; it’s great to have something that the whole family can do that is fun, great for you and TOGETHER.
  • Lil’ Dragons is program designed to introduce kids between the ages of three and five to the basics of martial arts. A big part of the curriculum is focused on learning discipline and respect at a young age. Confident kids are not bullies and are not easily bullied.
  • Self Defense seminars offered at Hensel Kenpo Karate are designed to help everyone learn to protect themselves and those they love if the need ever arises. We will stress the importance of our awareness of the situations we are in and the image we project to avoid conflict. If we cannot avoid them and are forced to defend ourselves, we will teach you to do that very effectively.

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