Adult Kenpo

Kenpo Karate is a stand up striking art. The discipline will teach you to avoid strikes and prevent follow-on attacks with checks which smother your opponent as you counter with multiple, rapid strikes. Kenpoists do not make use of high kicks, instead using knee and foot strikes to their opponents’ lower body and legs while the hands work on the upper body.

Benefits of American Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate is a self defense discipline that works for everyone. Our system uses rapid striking and low, powerful kicks and generates power through proper

technique, coordination and speed. You DO NOT need to be big and strong or able to get your leg up over your head to defend yourself with Kenpo.
Kenpo Karate is:

Adult Kenpo Karate class at the Downtown Dojo

  • A comprehensive system designed to counter realistic attacks
  • A great discipline for women, allowing a smaller individual to defend themselves
  • A western style of self defense that takes a logical approach to self defense and training
  • A fast and exciting discipline that will both challenge and reward

Traits of Kenpo Karate

Kenpo emphasizes using the right weapon to strike the right target. That is one reason that the kicks we use are low. One of the favorite sayings we use is “If I really want to kick someone in the head, I’ll put them on the ground to do it.” Better to use our kicks to attack the aggressor’s legs and deny him a strong foundation from which to attack us. This philosophy also means that we are not going to use great muscular strength to hit hard. Instead, the Kenpoist uses proper stances, technique and body control to gain power.

  • Uses low kicks to defeat an aggressor and doesn’t require great athleticism and flexibility
  • Generates power through body control and technique, not through brute strength
  • Challenges the student to master and adapt the art to suit their needs and abilities
  • Uses a logical system to build on knowledge over time to teach a fascinating martial art

The system of learning

  • Techniques: The system of Kenpo Karate is built upon a foundation of techniques. These are defensive responses to different realistic attacks ranging from punches and kicks to locks and chokes. Each belt level has twenty-four unique techniques except the first, yellow, which has just ten.
  • Forms: In addition, each belt levels has its own forms. Each form is a continuous and flowing series of moves and techniques made to simulate attack by multiple opponents. Forms promote proper use of stances and angles to apply the ideas and movements of Kenpo Karate. These progress is complexity as the level of training increases.
  • Sets: Kenpo Karate makes use of sets as a training tool as well. Sets focus on individual, specific aspects of the art, such as blocking, striking and kicking.
  • Ranks: The Kenpo Karate belt rank system is White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, three levels of Brown and finally Black, which has ten degrees.


The progression of belts in Kenpo Karate

The progression of belts in Kenpo Karate

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