Kickboxing at Hensel Kenpo Karate is a serious — and seriously fun — workout. It is not your typical kickboxing instruction, and teaches core techniques for self-defense in a fun exercise environment. Students of Kenpo Karate are encouraged to attend kickboxing, and vice versa, to perfect their skills.

What is Kickboxing?

Our kickboxing classes are not just an aerobics classes with punches and kicks. Instead, we focus on:

  • Muay Thai strikes with the knees and elbows along with the feet and hands

    Heavy bag work in Kickboxing Fitness at the Downtown Dojo

  • Working with hand pads and heavy bags to focus our energy and power
  • Toning the core and generating real strength and power while using more musculature to get a better workout
  • Emphasizing correct form so we learn to hit properly to avoid injury

Focus mitt training in Kickboxing Fitness class


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