Self defense

What could be more important than protecting ourselves and our loved ones? Learn how to be aware of potential dangers, avoid conflict and defend what’s most important if you have to. We cannot always count on the police, or anyone else, to protect us.

Phases of Self-Defense

Our seminars are based on a progression of “phases” of self-defense, promoting awareness and avoidance of a situation before action is necessary. However, the core lessons learned are how to escape from an attack or defend yourself and your loved ones when necessary.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

During our seminars, we will discuss:

  • Awareness: When and where are we most vulnerable and how can we carry ourselves to appear as less of a target to potential aggressors?
  • Avoidance: How to recognize and avoid dangerous situations and resolve conflicts before they escalate.
  • Escape: Planning a route to remove yourself from an attack and get to safety.
  • Defense: Simple techniques and actions to defend yourself against an attacker if escape is not possible.
  • Offense: When defense or escape is not an option (such as when allowing for loved ones to escape a situation) we will build on our defensive techniques to learn how to distract and immobilize an attacker.

Seminars are done in three one-hour sessions over the course of three weeks to allow for best retention and an optimal learning environment. They are done in a safe and comfortable group learning environment, and participants will be encouraged to participate and adapt the techniques to fit their needs.


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