Kids Kenpo

Kenpo Karate is a very realistic self defense system. We talk about and train to do whatever is necessary to defend ourselves if we have to. Understanding that with the learning of Kenpo comes a great responsibility, we have created a system to introduce the art to children and give them the opportunity to mature into that responsibility.

Our Kenpo Karate classes for children are broken down into two age groups

Kenpo for Kids Benefits

Kids Kenpo class, sparring drills

Training in Kenpo promotes confidence and thoughtful responsibility in children as well as introducing them to a discipline that will aid them in all they will do in life. Youth Kenpo students will:

  • Learn a fun and effective self defense system
  • Develop personal responsibility and respect
  • Discover the potential we all know they have
  • Learn how to avoid and resolve conflict without violence
  • Understand the value of hard work and delayed gratification
  • Be recognized for their personal victories and learn to grow from failure

The Kids Kenpo System

The progression of junior belts in Kenpo Karate

The progression of junior belts in Kenpo Karate

Where the adult Kenpoist is taught how to strike to inflict sometimes great harm to an aggressor, the technique for the younger student will emphasize the broader movements of the system and show them how to disrupt the attacker to create an opportunity to escape the conflict. In the progression from kids to adult Kenpo Karate, those more realistic and more violent strikes and breaks will be introduced to the student. In the end, this will actually create a more well-rounded and ultimately superior martial artist better able to adapt and deal with any situation.

Progression: Kids Kenpo Karate students will earn junior rankings in Kenpo Karate, with stripes awarded as intermediary steps between belts. Promotion to full rank will require additional training as the student progresses. Kids Kenpo students will NOT be rewarded Black Belts, that rank is restricted to adult students only.


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