Class Structure


Structure of Instruction

  • Techniques – Kenpo Karate is a technique-driven discipline. The core of the system lies in creating a vocabulary of motion through the learning of specific responses to specific attacks. Techniques focus on a full spectrum of situations, from punches and kicks to knife and gun attacks as well as locks and chokes. The most common attacks have the most techniques focused on them.
  • Forms – Forms or Kata are a preset series of blocks and strikes created to teach the student timing and angles of attack and defense. Forms simulate attacks form multiple attackers from all sides.
  • Sets – Sets focus on the most basic parts of Kenpo Karate. They focus on strikes, blocks and stances among other skills.
  • Freestyle – Freestyle is the sparring component of Kenpo Karate. The practice of freestyle will begin by learning a series of base combinations. This will progress to free-sparring in a controlled environment with an emphasis on learning and safety.


  • Testings will take place during specified class times.
  • Intermediate testings (stripes) for Kids Kenpo students will be done in regular class time.
  • At Beginner and Intermediate levels (Yellow through Green) these will be broad group tests.
  • At Advanced levels (Brown and Black) these will be in smaller groups and will take place at special scheduled times.
  • Adults will be tested at each level on that belt’s cumulative material.
  • Kids Kenpo students will be tested at regular intervals at each rank (belt color) and receive a stripe to note their progress.
  • Kids Kenpo beginner students will not have a cumulative test, but will complete that belt’s requirements and a select number of techniques from that level’s material.


Key Concepts


Clock Principle



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