This page will outline for you the formalities and proper etiquette regarding your uniform, your school, your instructors and fellow students.


  • Uniform

Students will wear a clean white gi (uniform) to classes. The exception will be for days designated as “street clothes days”. A clean black or white t-shirt may be worn under the gi. Upon earning their black belt, the student will receive a black gi that can then be worn to all classes, though those students can still wear a white gi when they choose. All brand name tags are to removed from the outside of the uniform. During our “No Technique Weeks” students may wear their Downtown Dojo t-shirt if they have one.

  • Protective Equipment

Male students are required to wear groin protection at all times while training. During sparring sessions, all students are required to wear, as a minimum, approved head, hand and foot protective gear and an approved mouthguard.  Children below the age of 14 are required to wear an approved chest protector for sparring.  This equipment will not be provided by Hensel Kenpo Karate and must be purchased by the student.

  • Belt

Students will be instructed on the proper way to tie their belt. Belts will be worn to all classes unless otherwise instructed (like street clothes days). All brand name tags are to be removed from the belt. Unlike the gi, the belt is not to be laundered.

Below is a quick look at how to tie your belt:

  • Instructors will wear the knot of their belt in the middle of their body when teaching classes. If the instructor is joined on the mat by a higher ranking instructor, they will move their belt to the proper side.
  • Male students will wear their knots on the left side.
  • Female students will wear their knots on the right side.

Training Behavior

  • Personal Conduct

Students will at all times treat their instructors and fellow students with respect and will help to foster a positive and encouraging learning environment. The school will be a place of free exchange of information within the boundaries of each rank. Questions are welcomed as they help us all gain a deeper understanding of our discipline. Contact within the scope of our training is necessary and students will learn to be good training partners and will never intentionally hurt or embarrass another student. Any concerns in this area must be brought to the attention of the instructor and will be resolved immediately by that instructor.

The student is expected to understand and respect an overall code of conduct in the proper time to use Kenpo. Students unable to uphold this code will be sanctioned up to and including suspension or expulsion from Hensel Kenpo Karate.

  • Instructor

Instructors are to be treated with the greatest respect at all times. Mr. Hensel will be addressed as Mr. Hensel or Sifu.  Any student acting as an instructor will be treated in the same manner. They are to be addressed as Mr. or Mrs./Ms. and their last name.

  • Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend class regularly. We work together to learn our discipline and depend on each other to get the most out of our training. Students are strongly encouraged to attend at least two classes per week to effectively learn Kenpo Karate.

  • Late Students

Students are expected to be on time for classes and in uniform at the start of class.  Students coming late to class will stand at the edge of the training area and wait to be acknowledged by the instructor with a salute. The student can then bow on to the mat and take the leftmost place in line.

  • Bow of Respect

In Kenpo Karate, we do not bow to individuals. We do however bow to inanimate objects as a sign of respect. As the student enters or leaves the training area (matted area), he or she will face the area and bow at the waist. Similarly, students will bow to panels of judges in testing and competition. A salute (hand gesture) is always used to demonstrate respect to an instructor or individual.

  • Salute of Respect

Upon entering the training area, the student will acknowledge the instructor and other students with a salute of respect, beginning with the instructor and proceeding down the ranks.  When outside of the school, students are encouraged to salute fellow students and their instructors in this way as well.

  • Class Beginning

To begin class, students will line up facing the instructor in descending rank order from right to left at attention until the instructor bows the students in.

  • Class Ending

To end class, students will line up as at the beginning and wait to be bowed out by the instructor.






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