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Techniques, Week of 9/30

Yellow Belt Technique 6: Grasp of Death (adults) (kids) – Watch Video

Orange Belt Technique 11: Scraping Hoof (adults) (kids)

Techniques, Week of 9/16

Yellow Belt Technique 5: Captured Twigs (adults) (kids) – Watch Video

Orange Belt Technique 10: Buckling Branch (adults) (kids)

Techniques, Week of 9/9

Yellow Belt Technique 4: Deflecting Hammer (adults) (kids) – Watch Video

Orange Belt Technique 9: Five Swords (adults) (kids)

Techniques, Week of 9/2

Yellow Belt Technique 3: Sword of Destruction (adults) (kids) – Watch Video

Orange Belt Technique 8: Glancing Salute (adults) (kids) – Watch Video

Techniques, Week of 8/26

Yellow Belt Technique 2: Alternating Maces (adults) (kids) – Watch Video

Orange Belt Technique 7: Lone Kimono (adults) (kids)

No-Technique Week in Kids Kenpo

Every few weeks, we do a no-technique week at Hensel Kenpo Karate. The adults get exposure to grappling or Muay Thai or just a good workout…usually both.  In the kids class, it means more fun drills and games and a few extra runs in the obstacle course.

We had a blast today!!!


New Students!!!

Welcome to Treanna and Jackson, our newest kids Kenpo students.  They did a great job today and I look forward to having them in class on Saturdays.

Also, welcome to Ty and Brad, who are getting started in the adult Kenpo class.

I am excited to work with all of you guys and to helping you all learn a fun and exciting martial art.


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