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Lil’ Dragons demos and class times

We had our first Lil’ Dragons demo at My Urban Toddler in Saline. We had a great turnout and a terrific class. Another demo is scheduled on 12/12 at 10am, also at Urban Toddler. Two sessions are scheduled for 1/9 – 1/30 and a the other will be a six-week session starting on 2/13. Registration will be through My Urban Toddler.

Lil’ Dragons demos and classes at My Urban Toddler are scheduled!

The Lil’ Dragons classes and demos are scheduled at My Urban Toddler in Saline. Get a spot for your kids now. This will be a play-based class focusing on paying attention and basics of karate and having alot of fun. Parents will be in the room and are encouraged to participate with their kids in class. Kids ages 3-5 years are welcome and little siblings can play in MUT’s fantastic play area during the class.


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